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The Five Best Books to Read with Your EA

As an Executive, I’m sure reading (or, if you’re like me, listening to) books related to the latest trends in leadership and time management. However, you may be missing out on one of the best ways to build a better working relationship with your Executive…

Being an EA Wasn’t What I Expected

I was raised to be a hard-worker; a go-getter. And it runs in the family. I mean, my dad is technically retired and still works three jobs (because, why not?). With that as my foundation, I’ve always had a “What’s next? What’s better?” career mindset….

Welcome to the Emmre Blog

Why do I never have enough time to get things done? Why is everything the top priority? Why can’t I get home earlier and spend more time with my family? The answers to these questions always seemed out of reach. In 2016, I was encouraged…